Live Video Interview

How can Live Interview Interview will help me?

Video interviewing allows you to connect with candidates at any time and from any location. From initial screening to the final committee, InterviewStream provides the tools to improve your hiring process and candidate experience. Professionals from organizations of all sizes have benefited from InterviewStream’s scalable video interviewing solutions


What is Live Interview ?


Its a screening tool which helps organizations screen candidates before an in-person meeting.

Say, you need to interview any candidate


Traditional Method

  • Schedule Interviews for everyone!

  • Travel booking for candidates or hiring team

  • Book company resources like Meeting Rooms, Personnel etc.

  • Spend at least 15 minutes with a candidate.

  • Bummed out with poor quality candidates

  • Start from Scratch next time for the same Job!

With Interview Master

  • Setup Interview & Invite thousands of candidates inminutes!

  • Evaluate quickly & Shortlist best candidates. Skip poor quality candidates

  • Develop Rich Candidate Video Database

  • Click & Share Candidate Interviews with Team members


How It Works?

Heres a brief idea



Interview Setup

The hiring Team can set up questions which they want the candidate to answer in Interview Master. Invitations are then mailed to candidates.

Candidate Response

Candidates attend interview in secure Interview Master Platform where questions are shown to them and the recording starts immediately.


The hiring Team view candidate answers at their convenience, give ratings and share comments. Reports can be generated to shortlist candidates.




Wonder why to use Live Interview? Heres tip of the iceberg


For Recruiters

  • Save your precious time

  • Reduce travel time for your hiring team

  • Significantly reduce the cost to hire

  • Improve the quality of candidates that you meet for in-person interviews

  • Work together with hiring managers easily by letting them view and even evaluate candidate responses

  • Reuse Interviews

  • Recruitment History. See how people fare in interviews and tweak accordingly.

For Candidates

  • Avoid travelling for the initial rounds of Interview.

  • Give interviews at any convenient time & location

  • Show true personality and strengths through video responses

  • Avoid significant time spent in attending in person interviews