Employer FAQ


When you post with us, your jobs are distributed throughout all relevant sites on the network for maximum exposure to your target audience. 

  Are any of your hiring solutions free? Yes, we provide several services to our hiring clients at no charge. All you need to do to take advantage of these services is register for an account.

  • Our Applicant Tracking System includes a customizable back end management system, and the ability to post jobs for free.
  • Our search allows you to search candidate and functionality and view limited profiles to help you close your requirements.
  • If you Post Jobs you will receive profiles via email from members directly. You can specify the job functions and locations you typically hire for, and we’ll only send you profiles from members who match your requirements. These tend to be members who are actively managing their careers and spending time on developing a professional presence, and can be a great way to uncover some dedicated professionals.
  • You can set Alerts for saved searches to be notified when new members matching your hiring needs. You can create as many alerts as you need using criteria like keywords, location, job function and more.
  • Display advertising, Banners, sponsorships, online Video calls,  and other premium products must be purchased.   

 Account Sign In:

I am not able to sign in to my account. There is a separate sign in area for employers that is different that the sign in for those who are looking for jobs and managing their careers. If you are having trouble signing in,

If you are on the correct sign in page, and have created an account, then please check to make sure you are using the correct email address and password combination. If you forget your password, you can request it. If you request a password and receive the following message on the login page: "Oops! There is no account associated with the email address you entered. Please check your spelling or try again" then you can create a new account. If you still have a problem, it may be due to an inability of the site to read cookies from your computer. Our site uses cookies to verify that you are signed in, so you may need to check your cookie settings in your browser and make sure that you have them enabled. Finally 

 Can I include additional users on my account? Yes, your account can accommodate up to 5 users, which includes 1 Administrator and 4 recruiters or team members. For more information on additional users,  Is there any contract involved? There’s no contract to sign, but you are required to read and accept our Terms and Conditions during the checkout process. What if I dont get any candidates? We want to see every job get great candidate engagement. If yours isn’t, there are things you can do to drive more interest. Make sure your job posting is as compelling as possible by including a clear job title, concise requirements, easily understood terminology and insight into the company culture. Provide a company logo – included at all plan tiers – to call attention to your postings and build brand awareness. How do I post a new position in a job slot once my original position has been filled? You can do Unlimited Job Postings, Our Moto is to get Right Candidate for your Requirements. How do I edit my job details? To edit any of your job postings, sign in to your account and click Job Posting – manage job posting – click on penmark next to tittle from your Home Page. Then, click on the Edit Job icon next to the job you would like to edit. This will bring you to the job posting form to edit your posting. Once you are finished editing, click Save Job. You will then be brought to the Review your job post page. If no additional edits are needed, click Confirm. Can I edit all of the fields in my job posting? As long as you are using a job slot to post your job, you can change all of your job details, including the job title and location. How long does it take for jobs to become live on the site? Once you are finished posting your job, your job will undergo an automated quality control process before being published to the site. As long as your job passed through the QC process without being flagged, it will go live almost immediately. To ensure that your job is approved by our automated system, please adhere to these guidelines:

  • No contact information should be included in the body of the jobs that are posted to the site.

If you do not see your posting live on the site within an hour, please contact us and we will check on the status of your posting. How do I refresh my job posting? Does the date change? What exactly does refreshing my job do? To refresh your job posting, sign in to your account and click on View Jobs from your Home Page. Find the job you would like to refresh and click the Refresh Job icon to the left of it. You can refresh all of your active job postings by clicking Refresh All Jobs at the top the page. When you’re finished, the posting date of each job will change to reflect the date it was refreshed. When candidates conduct a job search, your refreshed posting will show closer to the top of search results. Will my email address and name be visible to applicants when they are viewing my posting? Applicants applying to your position are not able to see your email address, name or any of the contact information associated with your account or job posting. Applicants simply click a button to apply online, and we pass their contact information and portfolio directly to you via email if you have opted to receive applicants via email. Company Logo Upload & Description:

Please note: This functionality is available to account administrators only. If I add these, where are they used? Your company logo and description will be displayed on your job postings as well as areas on the site where we feature hiring companies, and will help position your company and increase brand recognition.  Areas your logo may appear include job search results, community pages, and even the Beyond home page. Your logo will link to your job postings, providing even more visibility for your jobs.  We highly recommend providing a logo whenever possible.   If I delete or replace my logo and company description on the job posting form, do they get changed everywhere? Yes, any changes made to your logo and company description from the job posting form will affect all active jobs with that information included. If I edit or delete them on the Manage Company Information form, will the changes be reflected in my currently posted jobs? If you delete your logo and/or description, they will be deleted from all active postings.  If you add or edit your logo and/or description, you will have the option to apply your changes to all active jobs or not.  

Note : Our candidates Data is growing Day by Day, Our team is spending there time to get relevant candidates for Your Job Posting.